Making sure you hired the best cleaning company can be a significant task, no matter if it is a one-time job or a monthly reoccurrence. The cleaning company will be responsible for ensuring that your home, workspace or other area is clean and maintained.

However, every company is different from the next; they vary in rates, services offered and who the actual workers are. That is why it is vital you research and interview a company before hiring them. There are several details or questions you need to keep in mind before settling on a cleaning company.

Cleaning Company Referrals

For a genuine recommendation, get referrals for a cleaning company from friends, neighbors and family members. You can also look at online reviews from Yelp, Angie’s List and Google Reviews.

However, keep in mind that happy customers aren’t always as likely to write a good review compared to an upset client. If there is bad review after bad review, that is probably a red flag, but a company with a lot of good reviews and a small number of bad reviews shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

If you really want to know who you are hiring, ask the cleaning company for client references as well so you can talk to them and ask what their experience was like.

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Experience, Protection and Employees

When looking, check out the company’s past experience, affiliations and accreditations. How long have they been in business? What awards, if any, do they have? Are they a member of any professional organizations? These details can help boost their trustworthiness and credibility.

You also want to go after cleaning companies with bonding, licenses, liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Cleaning companies without being licensed are known to randomly shut down or do a poor cleaning job, while worker’s compensation can guarantee you won’t be responsible in the event of a worker accident. Ask what their policy is on broken/stolen items, as well as their policy on customer satisfaction.

You might also want to consider how the cleaning company hires its employees. Companies that hire actual employees instead of contract workers tend to have better services as contract workers, who are usually viewed as “cheap labor,” are not always properly trained on how to clean. Ask what type of workers are hired, how they are trained and what background checks are done, including a criminal background check and references.

Terms of Service and Supplies

Before agreeing to anything, understand the exact terms of service. What is the policy for rescheduling or canceling? Are there any hidden fees? What are the exact rates, and are they hourly or a flat rate? How long will the entire cleaning process take?

Make sure you also know what types of services are being offered. Ask about the cleaning process. For example, 3 Maids has a 49 point checklist that they go over for every client. Ask about customized cleaning; can they include appliances, carpets, windows or outside areas?

Another key factor is cleaning supplies. Some cleaning companies require you to provide the supplies while others bring their own. Ask about the cleaning supplies they use: Are they eco-friendly? Are they cutting edge? Do they sterilize the supplies after each cleaning? Are the supplies hazardous to children and pets?

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Other Concerns or Questions

Consider the location of the company; if they are far away from your home or business, there might be issues with them getting to you on time. This is particularly important in the event of an emergency cleaning.

If you want the same cleaner or team of cleaners each time, ask if that is possible. You can also ask if you can meet the cleaner or team before they come to your house or work.

Inquire about how the cleaning company will get inside your home is no one is there.

Keep in mind that some cleaners have difficulty completing their tasks if children or pets are around. Should you keep children or pets away until the cleaning is done?

3 Maids Cleaning Company

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