Wipe the Slate Clean this New Year with a Clean Bedroom

It’s the New Year! You’ve already thought about what your resolutions are going to be and you’re currently implementing them. At 3 Maids, we believe that having a clean bedroom is the key to happiness in your daily life for a number of reasons. We also know that the start of a new year is also the time when people re-evaluate their lives and focus on what’s important to them, what their goals are, and what they want from the upcoming year.

Benefits of Having a Clean Bedroom

1. Clear Mind:

De-cluttering your room can help de-clutter your mind. When you’re living in a messy bedroom, it makes it more difficult to relax. You have to step over things in your room just to get around. Your bed may even be covered with your belongings. Having a clean bedroom helps your mind stay sharp and focused.

2. Find Things Faster:

There’s nothing worse than running around in the morning looking for things you need for the day. Whether it’s your cell phone or you’re looking for your favorite tie, having a clean room can help you find things faster. Rummaging through your belongings, whether you’re in a hurry or not, isn’t a productive way to spend your time. But having your room cleaned, and designating spots for your items, will help you save time by locating what you need faster.

3. Safety First:

How many times have you stepped on something sharp and groaned in pain? It’s easy to see how this can repeatedly happen when your floor is covered with shoes, clothes, and other miscellaneous items. Having a clean bedroom floor can actually prevent injuries. With a clean floor, you can walk around your bedroom freely without stepping over potentially hazardous items.

4. Health:

Having your bedroom cleaned regularly will help keep dust (and dust mites!) away. Considering that you spend a good part of your day in your bed sleeping, you can understand the need for breathing in clean air, instead of dust. That also means having your ceiling fan cleaned (something most people forget about). At 3 Maids, we can even reach hard to get to places, like ceiling fans.

We’re all about a clean and healthy lifestyle. We believe that a healthy lifestyle starts from your bedroom and filters into all areas of your life (including the rest of your home). So have your room cleaned by us and keep it that way throughout the year. You’ll have an overall positive feeling, breathing in clean air, and being able to see your bedroom items more easily. You’ll also feel more productive, spending less time tripping over your belongings, or in a perpetual state of searching for items. Trust us, a clean bedroom is the beginning of a cleaner year to come!