The brunt of summer’s heat is starting to take its sweaty toll. Drops of perspiration roll down your torso as you’re merely sitting in your room, doing zero physical movement. It’s a thick, overwhelming heatwave making your home feel like a giant sauna. Yes. You’ve got to be losing weight through all this heat. The AC could be on, but you’d rather stay away from a costly electric bill or contribute to environmental ramifications. There are many ways to keep your house cool and fight the heat.

Keep your windows and blinds closed during the day. You can lower temperatures by up to 20 degrees in doing so. Almost a third of unwanted heat comes through the windows. Conversely, open them up at night if temperatures dropped.

One of the biggest ways to keep your house cool is to make the most of your fans!

There are three ways to maximize the efficiency of fan usage.

First (the old school way), place a bowl of ice-cold water (or simply ice) underneath the fan and the fan will whip up the cold air emanating from the bowl into the room. It really works.

Second, create something of a wind tunnel in the house. Make an “inlet” and an “outlet” for air to pass through by placing a fan in front of a window or door that faces your home’s interior and another fan facing the home’s exterior in front of a window or door that will catch the “inlet” and push it outside. Close windows that may interfere with the direction of the airflow.

Third, make sure your ceiling fans are spinning counterclockwise. Spinning counterclockwise creates a breeze, while clockwise redistributes heat (the “winter” setting.) The last thing you want during a heatwave is something that helps generate more heat.

Bedding is important for staying cool, too. Make sure to have the right kind of sheets. Any naturally made sheets such as cotton or cotton blends: percale, sateen, and jersey work to help you stay insulated. Egyptian cotton and silk are prime options for staying cool in bed. Also, buckwheat pillows are great alternatives to conventional pillows during the warmer months as they promote airflow and don’t trap heat. Get a little techier with a Chillow.

These are just a few of the ways to keep your house cool during the summertime. 3 Maids can help you keep your house clean too with our fail-safe 49 Points Checklist and our staff’s consistently thorough and high-grade cleaning services. 3 Maids can make any Los Angeles home cleaner.