Freshen Up

Keeping a neat pantry without clutter can be a tough task for anyone who doesn’t rely solely on restaurants for food. Pantries have supplies for cooking, baking, snacks, and anything else that can’t fit into a kitchen cabinet. With busy lives and schedules, keeping a pantry fit for all these supplies can be a bit of a chore. Thankfully, we’ve assembled some tips that can help anyone who’s living solo, anyone who has kids raiding a pantry each day, or anyone who just wants their supplies to look neat without paying a bundle for the latest Instagram influencer’s full-scale pantry makeover.

  1. Contain the Treasures

Are you interested in baking, cooking, or snacking? Whatever area represents your most-likely-to-grab item in your pantry should be organized into containers, whether you prefer glass or non-GMO plastic. That way, your items can be labeled and easily distinguishable, with their own area on one shelf or at least in an organized spot. You can also get creative with the labels, printing pictures, painting the supplies’ names or letting the other members of your household participate by having their own container to decorate.

  1. Use Those Doors

If you ever feel like your pantry just can’t contain all the supplies it needs to, then get some door hangings to help free us some space. They’re cute, reasonably priced and easy to arrange. 

  1. Match, Don’t Mix

Categorizing the items within your pantry will help you stay organized and it will also save you time. When you’re rushing to fix your children’s lunches before they have to go to school, you don’t want to have your snacks mixed with your pastas and baking flour, because it will cause clutter and confusion every time. Having everything in place will allow you to relax and time yourself accordingly to fit within your family’s schedule.

  1. Favorites Come First

Think of whatever you and your family use the most often, and put that front and center in your pantry. The items that get used the most should be the most accessible. If you or your significant other like to reach for dried fruit snacks or potato chips the minute you get home from work, have the food arranged prominently on the shelf that is level with your eyes. Miscellaneous items like Halloween cookie cutters should be stored in an area of the pantry that won’t interfere with more regularly used items. 

Done In a Flash

Having an organized pantry will save you time and money in the end. No one wants to spend extra time looking for lost items, and no one wants to find bugs or moldy expired food stinking up their pantry. Putting in a little extra time and effort to keep it clean and well arranged will give you more time for the things you enjoy and the work that’s important to you. Take a good look at what you’re doing right in your pantry, and make a commitment to keep doing it well. Then decide what needs to be changed, or better yet look back at our list if you need any tips!