Taking the Leap

Moving into a rented house or apartment can be exciting and fun, especially if you’re moving to a new city you’ve never lived in before. However, living in a rental home, whether it’s a house or an apartment, means dealing with whatever mess its previous tenants have left behind. Landlords might not necessarily be inclined to give their property the deep move in cleaning it deserves for every new occupant, so here are a few tips for how to make your house or apartment look like new when you’re ready to turn it into a home.

Start with the Kitchen

Creating a clean place to store your food and eat it will be good for your health and your mood. When you first step into your new kitchen, take a good look around and then scrub through the refrigerator, in the sink, on the table, on all the countertops, and throughout all the cabinets. Throw away any food you find, and put your food in there, arranging it however you want. Move in cleaning will ensure your food is stored freshly and prepared in a sanitary way for the healthiest results.

2. Make the Bathroom Your Own

Getting your new bathroom in good shape with some strong move in cleaning is just good common sense. Everyone knows a clean bathroom is essential for a home for multiple reasons, including the germs that every human leaves even when they’re trying to be clean and neat. Clean everything in the bathroom, from the ceiling to giving the floor a good mop over, and then the bathroom will be ready to liven up with your own knick knacks and decor. And always remember to put in a fresh shower curtain; they get moldy after a while and a new one will just make the place feel more like your own.

3. Start From the Top

Whatever room you’re cleaning, start from the top. Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room, take a look at the ceiling, sweep the cobwebs off the corners, and then the walls themselves. Cleaning from the top to the bottom will make all the grime and germs go down first until you can wash, wipe or sweep it all away at the end. Cleaning your entire new home will be much quicker and easier if you just look up and start from there.

Clearing the Air

Starting out in a clean new home is not just smart in a post-pandemic world. It’s a cleansing way to wash away the stains of the previous occupants and stat anew in a fresh environment. Having a space that is free of the physical stains of the past will put you in a better emotional state to make your home your own, even if you only intend to rent the home for a brief time. Get your rental home clean and ready for a new look and feel, and you’ll be able to turn it into the home you want.