March Madness

March marks the return of your spring house cleaning. As the break comes near, it will allow you the time to finish your annual home spring cleaning. The concept of Spring cleaning is all about accomplishing a fresh start for you and your family. Clearly, cleaning your home will be a long and daunting task, so the first thing to execute is your spring house cleaning checklist.

The Tough Road

The process of completing the cleaning will be formidable, but you can’t deny that the outcome will be worth it. It is important to be thorough with your checklist and go through and tackle every aspect that needs to be taken care of. One thing to keep in mind is that you must create a realistic schedule; this probably will not be achieved over a weekend. Spread your schedule throughout the week to give yourself time to cover everything from the attic to the inside to the basement and to the yard.

The following is an overall outline of the important aspects of the room that you should scrub, dust, wipe, or sweep. The same spring house checklist could be applied to every room in your home (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room).

1) Scrub and Wipe Glass

2) Wash Window Screens

3) Vacuum Carpet/Rugs and Shampoo Rugs

4) Dust Book and Shelves

5) Dust Ceiling Fans

6) Polish Doors and Door Knobs

7) Clean Window Treatments

8) Vacuum and dust off seat cushions and other upholstered furnishings.

9) Reseal Grout Lines

10) Wipe Walls and the Ceilings

11) Wax Non-Wood Floors

12) Wax Wooden Furniture

13) Wipe Down and Clean Utilities

14) Clean Air Vents

15) Clean and Reorganize Cabinets

16) Organize Storage and Closets

17) Clean Under Furniture

18) Clean Lamps and Lampshades

19) Sweep Porches and Walkways

20) Sweep and Wash Floors

21) Open Windows and Doors for Sunlight and Fresh Air

New Spring House, New You

Spring cleaning will surely coincide with a renewed energy and a fresh start to a new you. Conduct your spring house cleaning checklist by yourself or allow professionals to help you with the tougher tasks; the reward will still be just as great. We’d happy to come and set your home in the right direction for the rest of the Spring. Click here to schedule an appointment and accomplish your spring house cleaning checklist!