The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

As much as our technology and way of life has changed over the past five thousand years of civilization, there remain a few constants.  Regardless of the differences in how we communicate and commute in the past to now, and paying no respects to the differences in our manner of dress, the medicine we take or the design of our homes, we still must eat, drink, and sleep to survive.

Likewise, in order to stay happy, healthy and productive, we still need to keep our homes clean.  This, however, can be a challenge.  Priorities such as work, shopping, cooking, exercise, and socializing with friends and family seem to chip away at the hours of each day until there is no time left for cleaning.  Naturally, the longer one goes without cleaning, the messier one’s workspace or living space becomes, as well the less inviting the task of cleaning becomes.  Thus, the role of the maid and of cleaning service are paramount to the functioning of our households or workplaces, our physical and mental health, and to our own success.  Without any question, regular maid service is something we can all benefit from.

Well, that’s great and all, but aren’t maid services only affordable for the very rich? 


For the longest period of human history, maid services could only be afforded by the extremely wealthy. However, in the past fifty years, this has changed completely. In ancient Egypt, maids were exclusively employed by the royal family or exceptionally wealthy families, a tradition that continued in Patrician society in Rome. By the Victorian Age in England, the mark of affluence and well-being amongst the highest classes was to be brought up and tended to by maids. Back then, maids were not expected to just keep an entire estate immaculate—they were also expected to raise one’s children and run all household-related errands! However, these large estates, not to mention the maids to work them, could only be afforded by the extravagantly-wealthy. And so, for most of us, we were left, quite literally, in the dust.

For whatever reason, in the 20th century, this all changed. Perhaps it was a result of the rise of the suburban home in the 1950s and the subsequent widespread occurrence of stay-at-home moms entering the workforce starting in the 1960s. Regardless, maid service is now a reasonably-priced service regularly utilized by all members of society and from which all members can both afford and benefit from. It doesn’t matter if you live in a large Bel Air mansion or a small studio apartment a stone’s throw from the 101. If you feel that your house or workspace is a bit disorganized, dirty, or could be in use of a clean-up, why not try out a cleaning service? Chances are, you and your loved ones will not only fall in love with your home again but feel better, too.