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Closet cleaning and organizing can be an annual ordeal. Whether you keep it tidy year-round and simply want to switch things up or if it habitually looks like it was a victim of Mount Vesuvius, we have a few tips for you!

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Set Goals

When you set expectations for how to clean and organize your closet at the very beginning, you can ensure that you wrap things up feeling a sense of gratified accomplishment. No one wants to invest a ton of time in anything if they come out of the situation feeling short-changed. We suggest making a to-do list and/or creating an end-goal closet map about where things should be. When reorganizing your closet, make sure to figure out which new storage units you need, where you’d like to situate them in your closet space, and which sizes they should be.

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Take Measurements

This tip is for the folks who want to add new storage units to their closets. Once you take your measurements, find the storage pieces you need by shopping in-store or online at your favorite retailer. With everything going on, we recommend online. It’s faster and more stress-free, anyway.

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Crank Closet Cleaning Tunes

Music or white noise helps some people focus on tasks. If you find that you’re easily distracted and know that you focus better with background sounds, this might be a good option for you! Putting on music in the background can keep you focused on getting your closet cleaned out in record time!

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Keep, Donate/Sell, Trash, Wash

We’re on the same page as Marie Kondo when it comes to cleaning out your closet. If it doesn’t “spark joy” or if you haven’t worn something in more than six months (your Christmas Sweaters and Sunday Bests are exempt), it may be time to donate, sell, or trash it.

Determining between what to donate, what to sell, and what to toss can be as clear as day. Other times, it might be a little more challenging.

  • Do you have a faded, and well-loved college t-shirt that you no longer wear? Donate.
  • What about that emerald green silk taffeta prom dress that hasn’t seen a human being since the 80’s? Sell. (We suggest consigning it at a vintage shop near you.)
  • And what about that lightly worn designer skirt in great condition that you haven’t worn in two years? Sell. (We suggest eBay, Poshmark, or Depop for something like this.)
  • Do you have an oversized plaid shirt with an un-erasable BBQ stain that you haven’t worn in a while? Trash.
  • Did you toss the white blouse you sloshed some red wine on during office Zoom happy hour onto your closet floor? Wash.
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Get All Clothes Out of Your Closet

Removing all of your clothes from your closet not only helps you to better see what kind of space you’re working with (especially when it comes to installing new storage units), but it’ll also allow you to get inside your closet with a vacuum and a dust cloth.

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Clean the Floor and Dust

Use the retractable hose with a narrow attachment on your vacuum to get into every nook and cranny of your closet. Don’t forget to dust the baseboard and any closet shelving. After you get the corners with the vacuum hose, we recommend vacuuming. If your closet has wood flooring, we also recommend using a dry mop with a wood polish spray. If you have exceptionally filthy carpeted flooring in your closet, using a wet vacuum might be a good option.

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Insert Shelving

If you purchased new shelving and organizers for your closet, we recommend putting everything in before you begin putting your clothing away. You can get your shelving to reflect your personal taste, whether that means utilizing baskets, sturdy pine shelves, or linen organizers.

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How to Organize Your Clothing

There are many different ways to organize clothing, but we’ll provide a neat little list that you can reference as you embark on your cleaning journey.

  • Put the clothes you wear most front-and-center.
  • Hang blazers, skirts, blouses, jeans, sweaters, and slacks.
  • Fold t-shirts, shorts, athletic wear, and leggings.
  • Intimates like underwear and socks look neater in drawers.
  • Shoes should all have mates, and they should be placed in a shoe organizer, shelving, or lined up neatly on the floor.

We hope these closet cleaning tips have helped you on the way to a cleaner and most organized closet space!