Valentine’s Day at Home

Attention all romantics! Your favorite day of the year is closing in. The day full of fluttering hearts, candy gifts and roses is near. Valentine’s Day is that time when one partner pulls out the stops to create that utmost romantic night that their significant other will never forget. Valentine’s Day is also that getaway, whether it’s from your kids or just a much-needed night out. A Valentine’s date night usually composes of a romantic restaurant and a nighttime stroll. However, we propose an alternate plan to your V-Day date; a romantic date at home hosted by you. Not only would this be a more affordable way to spend your night, but it would act as a more personal and intimate setting for your date. Furthermore, it would summon up some creativity and passion in you when decorating your house and cooking your own dinner.

Where Will You Eat?

Hosting a romantic date at home initially demands one thing to consider: Location. Take a walk around your home and find a room that strikes you as the perfect dining area. A number of romantic settings you can consider would be the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, or a garden if you have one. Pick a location where you don’t normally eat, so that the setting would feel different and special.

Surprise is Key

The element of surprise offers a much more worthwhile experience for your date. It’s crucial that you don’t reveal everything that you’re doing. Before he or she arrives, have a candlelight dinner already prepared or decorate the path to the table with roses or leave them love notes around the house throughout the day.

Home Decorations

The key to the perfect romantic date at home is the ambiance. Cleaning and tidying up your home would be the first step. Next is decorating the room and the table. Give life to the room with a simple oil diffuser or some perfumed candles. Set the mood of romance with you and your partner’s favorite songs as well as slow, romantic songs.

Bring out your best crystals, plates, silverware, and napkins to finalize your ultimate Valentine table. Think of creative ways to possibly accessorize your table such as sprinkling it with rose petals, setting floating candles in a small glass of water, or properly placing flowers for an elevation in romanticism.

Food and Entertainment

A homecooked meal over take-out food is absolutely the way to go for this dinner. When it comes to food, cook something that you know you can cook. You don’t want to spend the entire evening stuck in the kitchen, cooking something new. You can also invest in good champagne or wine. After dinner, plan a romantic activity for yourself and your partner, such as a movie or a dance.

Ultimate Home Cleaning

A Valentine’s date right inside your home allows creativity and seclusion for your date night on the most romantic day of the year. Being a professional home cleaning service, 3 maids can either clean up your home to prepare for your date or clean up after. Good luck and enjoy your ultimate romantic date at home.