We Do a Mean Clean!

3 Maids has been offering residential cleaning services to Los Angeles for years. Whether those homes are in Santa Monica or Beverly Hills, Malibu or even Venice, we’ve been cleaning homes as one of Southern California’s most trusted residential cleaning services. If you’ve been thinking about hiring a maid service, look no further than 3 Maids! We’ve put a list together of 6 reasons why you need our residential cleaning services.

1. Big Homes:

If you’re the homeowner of a larger home, you should be considering our maid services. At 3 Maids, we’re affordable and get paid per hour. With big homes, it becomes increasingly difficult for people who live in the house to clean it up. Hiring us on a bi-weekly schedule can keep your home clean and tidy, from room to room. We’ve noticed that the bigger home, the more chance for dust build-up (as some rooms are rarely used) or the house is too big to clean on your own. But our three maids are professional enough to take care of your big home, so you don’t have to worry about dust or messes that build up.

2. No Time:

For some homeowners, time is of the essence. Between commuting to work, working, and other daily activities like fitness, friends, and fun, it can be difficult to find time in LA to clean, especially during the week. But on the weekends, who wants to spend time scrubbing and wiping their Saturday or Sunday away? If you’re someone who just doesn’t have the time to clean, you should strongly consider our residential cleaning services. In fact, you can schedule your cleaning for when you’re out of the home (running errands or going to the beach) while we make your home spotless again.

3. Kids:

Anyone with children knows how messy kids can be. From food and drink spills to arts and crafts projects going awry, kids can be a handful. But don’t despair! We know how to make sure to wash away crayon marks and spot clean juice stains. We love kids and we know they mean well but without even realizing it they can make a mess everywhere they go. At 3 Maids, we’ll clean up any mess your kids may leave behind.

4. Pets:

Pets can cause just as much of a mess as kids can. From cats that like to knock things over (sometimes on purpose!) to dogs that bump into things with their hefty bodies, pets can cause havoc on the surfaces in your home. Then there’s the pet hair. We remove your pet’s hair from your floor and other places like sofas and chairs. We know what a difficult task of removing pet hair can be, but at 3 Maids, we can handle the hair!

5. Parties:

For people who love to play host, whether you’re hosting a game night, movie night, wine night, or just simply a big party, having multiple people traipse around your home can create a mess. From outside dirt from their shoes to simple spills, we can do the clean up for you so you don’t have to stress during the party. It’s stressful enough just being the host but by hiring us to clean up for you afterward, you can spend more time enjoying the party and less time freaking out about people not using their designated coasters.

6. Guests:

Speaking of being a host, sometimes you have guests coming to stay with you for a visit and you need your place to look spotless. At 3 Maids, we bring our own cleaning supplies and equipment so all you need to do is prepare for your guest’s arrival. We’ve got everything else covered. From making sure their room is clean, to cleaning your home in general. Your house will look brand new and you’ll be able to impress your guest!

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