Prevent the Flu From Reaching You

Yet again, our encounters with those pesky flu viruses have grown even more irritating during the winter. In North America, wintertime is known as the peak of the flu season. While the flu outbreaks start happening as early as October, they gain most steam in the period between December and February. Luckily, there are methods of preventing yourself from inhabiting flu symptoms: a flu shot, carry hand sanitizer and wash your hands frequently. But besides yourself, you must be aware that your home can attract the flu, which can be contagious to everyone who walks in it. To prepare yourself and to ensure that you and your home stay healthy for Christmas and New Year’s, follow these steps to keep your house flu-free and prevent the flu from occurring.


Even in the cleanest and healthiest of homes, you will discover germs and those germs will transport the cold and the flu inside your home. But precautions can be made to prevent the flu from spreading. If someone else from your home gets the flu, you can designate an isolated part of the house for that person. Restrict him or her to an extra bedroom or a certain couch in the living room, which will help prevent them from contaminating other parts of the house.

Wipe Down Everything

Spots like the phone, doorknobs, remote controls, and toys are prime landing sites for viruses and bacteria. When someone gets sick, sanitize these spots daily. Cleaning off all the ideal places that your hand touches are a good way to prevent getting sick. Also good to note is that paper towels should be heavily relied on when you cleanse your home. In contrast, a sponge must be instantly disposed of because it soaks in countless germs.

Clean Your Desk

According to microbiologist Charles Gerba, “Desktops have 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Be aware to disinfect your desk weekly, this can reduce your chance of attracting the flu by 50%.

Don’t Share Anything

Do not share cups, glasses, plates, and utensils with your family members since there is a high risk of transferring bacteria and germs to each other. Make sure to wash everything with hot water and soap or a dishwasher. Wash dishrags, hand towels, and washcloths frequently. They can become filthy even after one use. In addition, mops, if not sanitized between uses, will collect germs and spread them around.

Ensuring Cleanliness Daily

Bacteria might be allowed in order to build your immune system, but with the flu season picking up this month, this is a surefire way to ensure home cleanliness and to prevent the flu from breaching and spreading out. Our cleaning company, 3 Maids, takes great pride in home maintenance and cleanliness. We will ensure that your home is flu-free with our thorough cleaning service and checklist, and keep your family happy and healthy this season.