How to Start Organizing Your Closet Space

So you’ve gone out and purchased a bunch of new clothes for the fall season and you’ve realized you need to start organizing your closet space. Having spent time cleaning out countless closet spaces, we have a few ideas that can help with your predicament. After all, cleaning and organizing your closet space can really help you, not only find items you’re searching for but also utilize the tight area to full capacity.

Multiple Tier Hangers:

This interesting invention easily opens up more closet space by providing you with the opportunity to hang multiple articles of clothing on a single hanger. Be aware of the strength of these hangers and use them accordingly. For example, some of these can be on the thinner side, in that case, make sure to hang lighter objects like t-shirts and light blouses. However, some of these are made to be capable of holding heavier items like sweaters.

Shoe Storage:

For your shoes, consider using a shelf for the bottom of your closet. Either building a shelf or buying a two-shelf bookcase can help organize a clean space for your shoes. Depending on the width of the bookcase, you can fit multiple pairs of shoes. Using the floor space for something else? Consider using hanging shoe organizers. If your closet uses a regular door that opens out you can even hang an “over the door” shoe organizer to have easy access for your closet. Have lots of pairs of shoes? You can actually just place one shoe out and keep the other in the box, so you’re still aware of what shoes you do have access to. This is of course if you have space elsewhere to place your shoe boxes.

On top:

We mentioned building a shelf at the bottom for shoes, but if you build a shelf on top of the shelf that already exists, you can create more space to put items other than shoes, like blankets, towels, and handbags. But it’s important to remember to fold any items and make sure there’s ample space above. You don’t want items constantly falling from above.

The Rack:

Often people’s clothing rack is the most unorganized part of the closet. The easiest way to find anything to wear (especially when you’re in a hurry!) is by having your items grouped together in categories, like coats, shirts, dresses, suits, etc. For the individual who wants to be even more specific, try color-coding your closet to plan out what colors you’re in the mood to wear.

We’ve been in the maid business for years, cleaning businesses and homes. Having an organized space like a closet is not only time-effective for you; it’s also easier to clean when it comes to seasonal cleaning. Not interested in organizing or cleaning your closet? That’s what we’re here for! Call us today at 310-399-2778 to get your closet or any space cleaned and organized.