Sometimes, our lives get so busy that we can let housecleaning go by the wayside. Soon enough, our home becomes so filthy that attempting to clean it feels like a Sisyphean task. It doesn’t have to be this way! At 3 Maids, we know how hard cleaning houses can be; it’s kind of what we do. Here are a few tips to help you keep your house tidy and clean all the time so you aren’t overwhelmed later!

keep your home clean by keeping a schedule
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Make a Schedule

Make a schedule for everyone in your household to do a set number of chores every day, not including keeping their own personal spaces clean; the latter is a no-brainer. This will drastically reduce the amount of time you’ll spend cleaning on any given day. Also, keep a record of the details and dates of all appliance maintenance servicing as well as the dates of all air filter changes.

keep your home clean by doing little chores like washing dishes
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Little Chores Every Day

Doing little chores every time you use a space will keep your home sanitary and clutter-free.

1.) Clean Your Dishes and Kitchen Sinks Every Day
We recommend cleaning dishes after you finish eating and rinsing out your sink after dinnertime to get rid of any residual bacteria. If you live with others or own a dishwasher, everyone should rinse their own dish before placing it inside. Leaving out dirty dishes can attract bugs, so as we head into the spring months, this will become more and more of an issue.

2.) Keep Beds Made and Clothing off of Floors and Furniture
Keeping beds made and putting all dirty clothes in hampers will go a long way to ensuring that your linens are fresh and will keep your home clean. If clothes aren’t quite dirty enough to go into the hamper, instead of dumping them on a chair or the floor (where they will definitely get dirty), fold them and put them back into your dresser or hang them back in your closet. It takes five seconds to do!

3.) Rinse Your Bathroom Sink
Rinse your bathroom sink after every use. This will keep toothpaste and other bacteria from accumulating.

keep your home clean by managing paper clutter
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Paper Clutter Control

Have a place where you sort important mail and other paper items. This can get pretty overwhelming pretty quickly, so we’d like to make a few recommendations.

Recycling anything you don’t need.
Keeping bills in a separate folder.
Set aside coupons and place them in an envelope.
Magazines should have a separate container and should be rotated out month to month to keep clutter to a minimum.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to keep your home much tidier day by day so that you’re never overwhelmed by a huge mess.