Thanksgiving Table Set-up

Thanksgiving is virtually here; the leaves have begun to fall, and the breeze is picking up. The joyous time of spending time with the people you love while having a hearty meal of turkey and stuffing is about to commence. Now it just so happens that it’s finally your turn to host this year’s Thanksgiving. The pressure is on, but you want to make this dinner the one your family talks about for many years to come. The invitation has been sent, and the turkey and the rest of the food are ready to be cooked. However, you expecting a party of at least 20 people this year. Cleaning your house is a must, but without all the fuss about the food, what are you left to worry about?  The dinner table set-up.

The Elegance of the Thanksgiving Table

The magic and the look of dedication to this year’s Thanksgiving can be shown through the hard work achieved through how the dinner table is set. First of all, it won’t be necessary to go out and buy expensive china for dinner. You can set up an effective and mesmerizing dinner table with the tools that you already have.

According to Posie Harwood of the Business Insider, brightly patterned and extravagant plates and table cloths will overcrowd the table. Greens, yams, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pies, the turkey all form a beautiful array of colors on the table already. Using tan or white glass plates and linen napkins will allow the food to stand out more. Also a great substitute, wooden plates would give off a warm and comfortable ambiance perfectly suited for a relaxing, fun family dinner.

However, if you want the set-up to look more fancy and elegant, place a linen runner over the table cloth for the food serving dishes. Also using the same silverware, napkins, and napkin rings for each chair will present an organized arrangement.

Decorating your Table

A great Thanksgiving table needs a great centerpiece. Small and large assortments of decorative gourds will add a seasonal flair to your table. Rather than placed them in one large cluster in the middle, make a few small and low clusters, making use of your long table. Another strong addition to your table is aromatic candles that will provide a warm ambiance and a luscious aroma. Another idea is to use your champagne bucket for your flower arrangement. Doubling as a vase, supplant lots of greenery instead of just flowers for a more natural feel. Finally, Thanksgiving is about sharing, so placing your food on the table in a buffet-style invites your family to do so and also offers a more casual feeling.

One Thing Left To Do

Now that your table is set, there is only one thing left to do: dig in and eat! Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family and give thanks to the wonderful people in your life. After the dinner is over, the house and especially your table may need some cleanup, considering you’ll have over 20 people in your home. 3 Maids offers a high-quality cleaning service that will turn