What are the benefits of making your bed?

Does anyone really enjoy a messy bed? Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.

It may be surprising to read that there are actual benefits to making your bed. Many people simply roll out of bed and leave the covers in disarray when they go to work, then pull them back over themselves when it’s time to sleep. But there are some benefits that don’t include avoiding flashbacks of your mom yelling at you to make the bed.

Reduces Stress

Making your bed is a way to reduce visual stress in your room. Clutter and messiness can negatively impact your mental health, so making your bed can be the first step to cleaning up your room and getting everything organized and in order. Once you make your bed, you’re more likely to deal with the rest of the room, too.

Keeps a Routine

Having routines is beneficial because you know you have a duty to fulfill. Getting up every morning and immediately making your bed lets you start your day off with a set action – you might follow it up with meditation while coffee is brewing or a walk in the yard before you have breakfast. Routines help us stick to our schedule and stay on time.

It Plain Old Looks Nice

Anytime you see an advertisement for a bed or spot a bedroom in a television show, the bed is made. This is because of the overall visual appeal of a made bed. It shows how large it is, who can comfortably fit on it, and how the rest of the room is connected to it. And when you walk in after a day at work, it’s a good feeling to see that your bed is already made!

How to Make the Bed: Simplified

Coming home to a made bed is a great feeling. Photo by Becca Schultz on Unsplash.

Here’s the easiest possible way to make your bed. Follow these steps and you’ll be set!

Step 1: Clear the Bed

Of course, you can’t make the bed if everything is on top of it. Remove the pillows, sheets, and blanket, but don’t put them on the floor unless you intend to wash them and you have another sheet set nearby.

Step 2: Put on the Fitted Sheet

The fitted sheet is the sheet with elastic on it that completely covers the bed. The bane of everyone’s existence is a fitted sheet that keeps popping off the corners when you walk to the other side. Tuck the corners in tightly to avoid this!

Step 3: Lay the Top Sheet

The top sheet does not have any elastic ends, it simply goes over the fitted sheet. Top sheets are generally the same color, too. Leave enough space from the head of the bed so that you can simply hop in. Don’t just lay the sheet down, though – tuck the sheet’s corners in so that they won’t come loose during sleep.

To do this, tuck the end of the top sheet between the mattress and box spring. Then fold a piece of the sheet at a 45-degree angle from the corner. Anything that hangs below can get tucked as well. This will let you have loose sheets that aren’t too tight, but won’t get bunched up and fall off.

Step 4: Place the Comforter

The top comforter should be applied last. Match it up with the top sheet in terms of length so you don’t have too much at the head of the bed. You can fold the comforter down to bring out the aesthetic appeal, too.

Step 5: Pillow Time

Finally, add the pillows and any decorative pillows that you usually keep on the bed. Many people have between 4 and 6 pillows for their head, back, and feet. Once your pillows are on, your bed is made!

3 Maids Can Help

Even if you have making the bed down to a science and can speed through it, it’s still nice to come home to a bed made by someone else every once in a while. If you have a long day ahead of you, 3 Maids can clean your home and make sure you’re as comfortable as ever when you get back.

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