How to Clean Windows

Cleaning windows doesn't have to be difficult.
For tough spots on windows, you may need an equally tough sponge. Photo by the CDC for Unsplash.

Clean windows let you sufficient amount of sunlight enter your home. You’ll be able to clearly see out of them as well, and raising or closing them won’t dirty your hands or fingers. One of the many problems people face, though, is the lack of knowledge on how to effectively clean windows so they don’t leave streaks, or so they don’t cause any damage to the glass. Once you learn how to clean windows, you’ll never have any worries about replacing the glass, unsightly streaks and discoloration, or potential damages.

Avoid Damaging Windows

First, let’s talk about what not to do to your windows. It is very important that you do not take alternate, dangerous routes to try and remove stubborn dirt, spots, build-up, or grime. Do not use a razor blade, knife, nail file, or anything sharp to pick off the dirt. This can cause scratches to the glass; not only are scratches and marks visually unappealing, but they can actually cause the glass to become weak and possibly break at a later point.

Additionally, you should avoid using ammonia or alcohol on windows. Although these solutions can efficiently clean other parts of your house, they may leave a film on windows that will attract and collect dust, line, and moisture. There’s nothing worse than finishing up your cleaning job on a set of windows only to see them immediately get covered in particles again.

Use Gentle Drying Materials

Cleaning windows can be time-consuming, but over time, you'll become very efficient.
Clean windows have always been a priority. Photo by the Austrian National Library for Unsplash.

You should not simply spray your windows and let the solution dry; that’s how spots and uneven areas show through. When you dry your windows, look to use lint-free wipes, microfiber cloths, or gentle paper towels. This will not leave behind any small particles or bits of the fabric.

To avoid leaving streaks, wipe away the solution in multiple directions – up and down, side to side, and even in circles. To remove accidental streaks, you can rinse the window with cold water.

Cleaning Outside Windows

Because all windows have interior and exterior parts, you’ll need to adjust how you approach the cleaning method. To clean the outer glass, you should use a hose and a stronger solution. There will be much more dirt and other grime on the outside because of the exposure to the elements. For high windows, you may want to attach a sponge or other cleaning object to a pole, or firmly place a ladder below so you can get up close. It’s best to avoid cleaning the windows on hot or sunny days, as the temperature will cause the solution to more easily stick to the windows, making them harder to effectively clean.

Window Cleaning with 3 Maids

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