Don’t Worry About Cleaning Up

Hosting a Memorial Day party can be a daunting task for anyone. Coming up with ideas, buying the food and drinks, getting party supplies, the list seems to go on and on. But often people hosting parties forget about the cleanup. At 3 Maids, we’re here to help. Not only are we available to provide our maid service to customers for helping cleaning up before or after your Memorial Day party, but we’ve also come up with a few ideas to help make the clean up much easier.

Easy Clean-Up

The first step is in the items you purchase for your party supplies. Buying paper plates, plastic cups, and plastic cutlery is an easy way to minimize dishwashing. After a great party, your enthusiasm can be wiped away looking at a mountain of dirty dishes. Using drinkware and tableware items that are easy to throw away also keep areas like your kitchen and dining room neat, organized, and clean. With plastic table cloths, messing up your dining table can be avoided. For the host looking for something fancier, linen table cloths not only look great but can be easily tossed into the washer machine (remember – cold water wash).

Avoid Smaller Messes That Add Up

  • Frozen fruit instead of ice for drinks (minimizes ice from spilling which can quickly turn into people spilling all over the floor)
  • Candles in mason jars (looks charming and also avoids hard-to-clean candle wax from dripping)
  • Muffin pans (a great way to create small snack and dipping stations without using multiple dishes)
  • Laundry hampers (with a garbage bag inside, a great way to use large trash cans instead of overflowing smaller trash cans or repeatedly taking out the trash)
  • Ice cream (a summer staple, but messy in pointed cones that drip, adding a marshmallow at the bottom is a sweet way to prevent the dripping and possible ants)

More DIY Party Tips from Babble

These Shoes Were Made for Tracking

When hosting a Memorial Day party, a lot of our customers complain about the dirt that gets tracked into their homes from the outside because of footwear. Instead of breaking out a vacuum, a broom, and a mop as the host, you can control the traffic of dirt. Some hosts prefer that guests take their shoes off when entering. For those who don’t want to seem too strict, using your garage as the food/drinks/dining area is a great way to minimize guests from walking through the whole house. With the exception of using your bathroom, all of your guests’ needs would be met in the garage or patio for those using their backyard as the designated area of fun.

Cleaning Up After the Party

Hosting a Memorial Day party can be stressful enough, cleaning up afterward doesn’t have to be. Use our easy quick fixes to avoid spending a lot of time post-party on the cleanup. Hire 3 Maids…and we’ll do the cleaning in LA for you no matter how big the mess is. Call us at (310) 399-2778. The only thing you’ll be worried about after the party is your hangover.