The frontline soldier of the kitchen, a stove is a stove, no matter where you go. It is what many would call “old reliable.” But like every other appliance in the kitchen, your stove needs to be regularly cared for to remain old reliable. Inhaling the fumes of corrosive cleaning chemicals and exerting painstaking force aplenty, eliminating burnt on grease is the bane of any cook’s existence or whoever is tasked with removing it. So, you are wondering how to clean a stove and want to preserve your love for cooking at the same time? Allow us to show you.

Here are three eco-friendly methods on how to clean a stovetop with ease—methods that will keep both you and old reliable happy as you dabble with dinner time.

Coca Cola

how to clean a stove

America’s favorite sugary, carbonated drink, Coca Cola is a staple within refrigerators of most households. Though it tastes good, it’s not good for you, and we all know why. Coke, like most other carbonated beverages, contains phosphoric acid, which is why people often use coke to remove rust from metal and even clean toilet bowls. If this timeless drink can remove rust from metal, you better bet on it removing cooked on grease from your stovetop. Simply pour some coke in a bowl to dip your rough sponge or steel wool into, and then proceed to scrub away the mess.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

How to clean a stove

Do you know that dark brown bottle collecting cobwebs in your medicine cabinet? Yes, that one. That is what we call, one of the most underrated cleaning agents of all time. Not only is hydrogen peroxide cheap and a necessity for treating infections, but it is also highly effective—when combined with baking soda—at eliminating hard-to-remove messes like deodorant and blood stains from your favorite white t-shirt. Likewise, this mixture is great when trying to tackle that dirty stovetop. Just pour hydrogen peroxide into a bowl and mix in some baking soda until the solution turns into a paste.

White Vinegar and Baking Soda

how to clean a stove

The king (or queen) of all-natural cleaning solutions, white vinegar is yet another strong option when figuring out how to clean a stovetop. Since we used white vinegar to clean that explosion of a mess inside of your microwave, it is only natural that we do the same for your pesky stovetop. Similar when using hydrogen peroxide, mix your white vinegar with some baking soda and watch that baked-on spaghetti sauce disappear before your very eyes.

Now that you have three readily available solutions to make cleaning your stove easy and safe for the environment, it’s time to test each option for yourself. But if time is a constraint, just give us at 3 Maids a call and we will have your stove clean and ready by dinner time.