If Julie Andrews’ character in “The Sound of Music” was replaced by nearly anybody else in America, they may have added (sung to the melody) leftover pizza and pasta with meat sauce as they gleefully sang the lyrics of “My Favorite Things.” While this may have been fun to watch on-screen today, it certainly wouldn’t bode well for their microwave. These foods are just two examples of science experiment-like volcanoes that erupt while cooking in a microwave. With that said, we ask ourselves – is the risk worth the reward? Yes, absolutely yes. But now we have to figure out how to clean a microwave!

Despite the messes that food can create in your microwave, we also eventually learned how to clean a microwave WITH food!

Here are the three best foods to help you clean up your microwave with a simple press of a button:

White Vinegar

White vinegar has been regarded as one of the best non-chemical products, given its ability to clean, sanitize and deodorize anything in its path. In a microwave-safe glass or bowl, add one tablespoon of white vinegar to about two cups of water. Microwave the combination for about five Minutes. While warming, the liquid mixture will steam up, loosening up any gunk or crud on the sides of the wall. Carefully remove the turntable and glass or bowl and wipe down the microwave with a clean kitchen towel until sparkly clean.

Lemon Juice

Cut 1 Lemon straight in half and place on the microwave turntable with the point up. Slowly drip 1 Tbsp. of water between the lemon halves. Microwave for 60 seconds or until steam fills the inside of the microwave. Open the microwave and begin to wipe down with a clean kitchen towel. Not only will your microwave glisten, but it will smell fantastic!

Bonus: Instead of throwing the lemons out, cut them into wedges and put them into the garbage disposal while running hot water.

Baking Soda

Baking soda and white vinegar may be mortal enemies, but they both have one common enemy – the microwave. The two agents have recently joined forces and learned how to clean a microwave as an unstoppable unit.

Mix four tbsp. of baking soda into one quart of warm water. Make sure to really mix these together well so that the powder is completely incorporated. Use a kitchen towel or sponge to apply the mixture to the inside of the microwave.

After, pour one cup of water and one cup of white vinegar into a microwave-safe bowl or glass and place on the turntable. Microwave for approximately three minutes or until the water begins to boil. Allow time for steam to fill the microwave before opening the door. Remove the turntable and soak in hot soapy water. Using a kitchen towel or sponge, wipe the inside using the white vinegar solution until looking brand new.