Garage types fall into two categories: the messy storage unit kind and the workspace/chill kind. You either 1) fling every miscellaneous device that doesn’t belong inside nor outside and immediately slam the door behind you as if a man-eating horror will jump out at you if you don’t dash out quick enough or 2) you saunter in, take a healthy breath of the tool laden, sawdusty air and smile in content.

If you’re the one that treats the garage as a place to unabashedly dump belongings, you could be working your way towards “hoarder” status. You don’t want that. The garage is a transitory space on your property that’s not fully indoors but also isn’t really outdoors, and finding a happy medium that serves to reflect that isn’t normally easy. For indoor space, you want cleanliness and organization, whereas outdoor space can necessarily be a little untidy and slightly unswept. We’ll help you get to the perfect balance with these garage cleaning tips.

Garage Cleaning Made Simple:

  1. Clear out the entirety of the garage. This is a full heavy-duty cleanup of your garage. For a proper garage cleaning, want to be able to see all four corners of the garage and every inch of that concrete floor. Get everything out of there.
  1. Ascertain what you really need. As you take everything out, place stuff in a “to keep” area or a “to toss” area. Then, actually toss the “to toss” stuff. This is easier for some more than others, but it has to be done. Your garage will look exponentially better without the clutter of the stuff you “might use” in some unforeseen future. If you don’t know when or where you’ll be using any item in question, it’s junk.
  1. Before you begin moving everything back in, try to use as much vertical space as possible. This could mean getting shelving units, cabinets, and heavy-duty hooks. Plastic bins are a must. You’ll have much more room for a table, couch, TV, workspace, or car by maximizing vertical space usage. Label all bins and cabinets. This encourages you and whoever else will be there to stay organized and place things where they belong.
  1. Group items together that are similar in nature or use: painting materials, sports equipment, tools, gardening tools, holiday décor, bicycles, kids’ toys, etc. Everything has a place. The more organized you make it, the more obligated you’ll feel to keep it that way.

3 Maids

Once you get into it, garage cleaning isn’t as daunting as you make it out to be. Be organized, stay minimal as possible, and label, label, label. When you finish the project, relief and satisfaction will wash over you like a cold shower on a  sweltering summer afternoon. And the same feelings will ring true when you walk into your home after 3 Maids has done its job. For LA home cleaning services you can trust, make an appointment with 3 Maids today!