fur cleaning

PetĀ Hair Everywhere

We love our pets. They’re very much dear to our hearts. But even as we love them, they can still be a nuisance, especially when pet hair sticks to our lovely furniture and carpet in our home. This all requires some serious fur cleaning. If your furniture is not made of leather, cat or dog hair can easily cling to the fabric of our bed, chairs, couches, and sofas. Aside from the tedious use of lint roller and duct tape, adapt these surefire fur cleaning tips to remove or prevent future pet hair from scattering all over the house.

Fur Cleaning From Furniture

One step you could do to remove any lingering fur is to put on a pair of rubber gloves. dampen it with water, and gloss your hand over the surface of the upholstery or fabric in order to attract hair. You can rinse your glove and repeat the process again. The same method can be used on a wet sponge or washcloth as well.

Conducting a spray with your removal can also be simple. For upholstery, spray lightly a mix of water and fabric softener, then wipe it off with a cloth. For wooden furniture, incorporate an anti-static dusting spray and soft cloth which will make removal easier and lessen the chance of hair re-sticking to the surface.

Fur Cleaning From the Carpet and the Floor

Cleaning products such as the Swiffer sweeper and the FURminator can be helpful tools in picking up embedded hair from the floor and your rugs. A crazy tip is to also use an ordinary window squeegee and use it to scrape the hair off the carpet. The rubber of the squeegee will loosen any embedded dog hair.

When using a vacuum on your carpet, go over the same areas at least three times and alternate directions to ensure that you have captured embedded hairs.

Socks can soak up lingering pet hairs too! If you have an abundance of loose hairs on the floor, drag your feet, wearing athletic socks, around the entire floor.

Preventing a Pet-Hair Infestation

In preventing dog hair from ever reaching the surface of your furniture, you can cover all surfaces with some blankets or slipcovers. The advantage is that they will be more washing machine friendly and can be easily washed to get rid of stubborn hair.

To keep your home pet hair-free, refurnish your home with hair resistant materials. Materials like leather, pleather, heavy-duty cotton fabric and ultrasuede can disallow hair from sticking to them. Hardwood, laminate, and tile floors will also be effective.

Groom Your Pet!

Sometimes the best way to prevent something is to go to the source themselves. A regular method of grooming can help lessen the amount of hair that your dog needs to shed. Brushing on a more consistent basis (about two days a week) can cut down the amount of hair that falls out. A de-shedding tool can also help loosen and remove hair that you may have missed when you were brushing your dog.Ā Another method is to regularly give your pet a bath. It will help loosen the hair that remains in your dog or cat’s soft undercoat, which will make it easier to brush out.

A Faster Method of Fur Cleaning

Take these fur cleaning tips into account and apply them so you can enjoy a dog hair-free home. If you get overwhelmed by the cleaning or if you are way too busy, call us at 3 Maids! We will thoroughly clean and maintain your home in only a few hours or less, doing a whole clean-up of any loose pet hair.