Home Dust Control

Dust can accumulate easily in a home (particularly for larger homes) because rooms, areas, and items get neglected and if you don’t clean on a regular basis, it can really start to build. Since spring started last month, the allergy season for many has begun. This means dust, pollen, and pet dander can become your worst enemies! At 3 Maids, we make a living from cleaning so we know how to give you some tips that should definitely create a dust-free home.

Take Your Shoes Off

When you enter your home, the first thing you should do is remove your shoes and place them in a designated area. Shoes carry everything with them, from the different environments that you’ve been in throughout the day to the ground that you walk on. Shoes can easily track dust and dirt into your home by your shoes. Dusting them off immediately and placing them in their designated area (like your closet) will help.


Not only do inside/outside pets track in dirt, but their paws and fur bring in a lot of dust and pollen. It’s important to make sure to bathe them regularly and to keep them off of furniture (sofas, beds, etc.) At the very least you should try brushing them and wiping their paws before they get too comfortable running around your home, spreading dust everywhere.

Carpets, Rugs and Cushions

With carpets and rugs, the fibers absorb dust easily (probably easier than anything else in your home). That’s why they have to be vacuumed on a weekly basis. We recommend even more for people who suffer from allergies. Just walking on carpets and rugs send dust flying upwards, even if you barely notice. That’s why we suggest taking your rugs outside and beating them with a broom to pound all the dust out. With cushions on your sofa, you have to keep in mind that every time you sit on them, dust comes out because the cushions have absorbed and stored dust. Try using a similar treatment to your rugs, by taking your cushions outside and beating the dust out.


Residential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning filters can help these units attract dust. Keep in mind that they have to be replaced every so often, but that varies between how much dust is accumulated and the size of the space that your HVAC unit is in. If you want to go the electrostatic route you can get a professional installation of filters that are connected to your ductwork. Be aware that this is a pricey option.

For some homeowners, ventilation means ceiling fans and floor or desk fans. Wipe these items clean before using them, especially if they have been stored away during the colder months. Ceiling fans are dust magnets, looming over dining tables, beds, and other areas in your house. These fans also tend to be larger than floor or desk fans, so make sure to really clean them properly. They have the capacity to spread dust to all areas of a room.

These Tips Should Help Your Dust-Free Home

The tips above should help, but we can help too! At 3 Maids, we clean homes easily, swiftly and professionally! We know all about house dust control and dust allergy treatment. Our goal is to make your home sparkle, and with our cleaning services, it will! We make sure to not only clean dust but dirt, as well as pollen and pet dander. Call us today at (310) 399-2778 to schedule an appointment to have your home cleaned so it can be a dirt and dust-free home!