You clean your house, every single room, every crack and crevasse. You’ve purportedly done a deep cleaning. But then an hour later you can already see the spots you missed. It can take a little extra work and attentiveness to get to every trouble spot. The following are some ways to help you to a cleaner home. But if you want to be worry-free about your home cleanliness, leave it to us — through our 49 Point Checklist, we’ll be sure to make it a deep cleaning.

Commonly Missed Spots

Many people forget to check underneath the couch and couch cushions. Take the time to move bigger furniture around a bit and clean the floor as well.  Cleaning behind the refrigerator, in and around the shower, and scrubbing the shower curtains themselves are a mandate to get rid of all the mustiness.

Deep Cleaning for Electronics and Utilities

Make sure to deep clean your laundry machines and the dishwasher. Nozzles and faucets are commonly overlooked too. Be careful when using the self-clean option on stoves. When it self-cleans, it heats up and kills the bacteria and grunge inside of it. As a result, it creates carbon monoxide in the air and can exacerbate asthma and other breathing problems. To reduced fumes as much as possible, remove all items in the oven. It’s even a good idea to leave the house entirely while the oven is self-cleaning. Or to avoid the nuisances and potential hazards, you can always let us manually clean it.

We Provide Anxiety-Free Deep Cleanings

All of our maids are experienced, bonded and insured. This means you can have peace of mind in knowing that in the event of something breaking, you’ll be rightly compensated for any damages or losses. When our maids come to your home, you should be worry-free. Look at the 49 Checkpoint list of criteria we deem appropriate for deep cleaning and schedule an appointment today.