When someone learns that they have cancer, everything else in their life becomes secondary. While undergoing treatment, smaller things that used to be a part of the daily routine might seem impossible. At a time when someone suffering from cancer needs support the most, one charity has opted to pitch in and provide free home cleaning as they recover. The non-profit charity is called Cleaning For A Reason, an organization founded by Texas-based maid service owner Debbie Sardone.

How Cleaning for a Reason Makes a Difference

What inspired Debbie Sardone to create Cleaning For A Reason is quite profound. Her company Buckets & Bows Maid Service received a call one day from someone who couldn’t afford her service because she was undergoing costly cancer treatments. This sparked an idea in Debbie’s mind. Now her nonprofit Cleaning For A Reason partners with maid services to bring free house cleaning across the country to women receiving cancer treatment. The guarantee is good for four months and is provided at no cost to cancer patients. Maid services electing to partner with Cleaning For A Reason enjoy the benefit of a tax-deductible service in addition to contributing to a noble cause.

3 Maids Supports Charitable Causes

After receiving national attention from major influencers like Oprah, Cleaning For A Reason is proof that ideas for great causes will always find their way into people’s hearts. From a business standpoint, it also demonstrates the importance of reflecting on your customer base and ensuring you are doing everything possible to make them happy.