Harmony in Summer Cleaning

Feng shui cleaning applies to those of us with messy homes, who live every day with the intention to clean but hardly does it. If we start to apply the principles of feng shui cleaning to our summer home maintenance, we can commence the second half of the year with a brand new sense of energy. The goal of feng shui is to live in harmony with your environment so that the energy of your surroundings works for you rather than against you. Theoretically, living in a clean area will give us a positive outlook going forward in life. Feng shui provides these senses and here’s how you can apply them to your summer cleaning duties.


To make room for fresh energy to enter your life, you must get rid of all the clutter that is blocking it. Clean out the appliances in your kitchen, de-clutter the fridge, cupboards, surfaces, and throw away spoiled food and condiments. The feng shui idea is to create space. Bringing in fresher foods, natural chemicals, new plants and herbs will make the kitchen livelier. As the kitchen is more improved, so will your health. Create a new flow of fresh energy when you de-clutter your closet also.

Dust Under the Furniture

As time goes on, dust will continue to build while under your personal furniture such as your bed and couch. Dust blocks flow and circulation. These two represent health and prosperity. Needless things under your bed also represent blocks in your relationship and personal life. Clear the dust and clean under your furniture as well as the oven and refrigerator to open up your life.

Clean and Open Windows

Feng shui says that windows symbolize our eyes and mouth in our home. Dirty windows will affect our power to communicate with the world. Thoroughly wash and open up your windows. You will see the world clearer with clean, fresh windows. Opening up the windows will bring brightness and joy into your home.

The Entry to Your Home

Believe it or not, seeing the front door to your home can affect your mind and your mood. Look at your door and see what needs to be cleaned. Clear it from any dust and dirt, wipe the frame, the knob, and the edges. Don’t forget to sweep under the welcome mat. A clean and cared-for door will provide the home and visitors a new sense of peace and stability.

Final Cleaning

Do one final clearing and de-cluttering of items throughout the house. Clear useless items in your bedroom and bathroom and set it up to refresh and redecorate it. Do a major space clearing of all the other rooms in your house in order to purify and clear any stagnant energy.

Final Thoughts on Feng Shui

For the rest of the summer, apply these tips to refresh your home and refresh your body. Cleaning and clearing space in your home will refill your life with happiness, energy, and health. We at 3 Maids happily endorse this thinking when it comes to cleaning as we believe a happy home results from a clean home. Feng shui cleaning is a way that should be performed by everybody.