Spring Cleaning is Here

Spring will soon be here. Which means spring cleaning is upon us. It’s a great time to get a fresh start and let sunshine reach each and every uncluttered inch of your home. William O. Douglas said, “Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant.”

Spring Cleaning History

The concept of spring cleaning came up independently in a number of different places. With Passover, Jewish culture honors their ancestors who were forced to survive on unleavened bread by removing leavened products from their homes. Chinese tradition uses annual cleaning as a way to bring in good luck and prepare for the new year. In Iranian tradition, a “shaking of the house” aims to return things to their original state and provide a fresh start. Ancient Greeks had a week called “Clean Week.” It was a time to make your outer surroundings match your wholesome dispositions.

There’s a Reasonable Explanation

Prior to the invention of the vacuum cleaner, March provided an ideal temperature for dusting. Spring weather is warm enough to open windows and doors. Extra sunlight also means you’ll see more dirt than you did before, which may prompt you into action— whether you like it or not. A lack of sunlight during winter causes the pineal gland to create more melatonin, which is a known cause of drowsiness. When spring comes, our bodies may simply respond to a lengthening of days and warmer weather with renewed energy.

The Cleaning Itself

Thoroughly cleaning your entire home can be daunting, so spread the tasks out over a week or more. Some jobs are best left to professionals and we’d be happy to get you on the right track for a fresh spring season. We make it simple. Click here to schedule an appointment with us today!