Ways to keep your house warm

Winter Peak

The frostiness and the cool breeze of the winter are near its highest peak. In January, as the temperature drops to its lowest degrees, your teeth begin to chatter and you’re forced to wear more clothes in your home, just to stay warm. You may ponder the question, are there ways to keep the house warm for the rest of Winter? To battle the cold air, you could install a radiator, but it will damage your bank account and gas bill. Nevertheless, without drinking hot cocoa or putting on a sweater, there are several great ways to keep your house warm without having to spend a single cent.

Block the Wind

Cold air drafts can be a deadly culprit when it comes to a freezing home. Winter drafts can lower the temperature by up to 100% or more. Prevent cool drafts from leaking in by blocking and sealing any door and window cracks. Placing a rolled-up towel in front of a door crack is a useful method to block wind drafts. An additional method is blocking your windows with your curtains. Meanwhile, by having your curtains closed as you go to sleep, you can reduce the chance of losing concentrated heat in your home by blocking it away from windows. The nighttime breeze can also be blocked from leaking in by your curtains.

Natural Sunlight

During the day, open up your curtains, shades, and windows, and let the sunlight shine through your home. This is the ultimate cheapest way to capture as much heat as possible. Even on the coldest days, the sun always shines brightly.

Don’t Forget About Your Fans

Every home may have a ceiling fan and nearly every ceiling fan has a “winter” setting that reverses the direction of the blades. A clockwise-spinning fan will push warm air down towards the rooms instead of being trapped towards the ceilings. Turn your fan on low speed too and see what happens!

Bake Something

If you’re feeling a little nippy, it might be time to bake something in the oven. Cooking, baking and broiling things will increase the heat in your home. So bake a chicken or a pie; it will no doubt keep your tummy warm as well as heat up the home.

Add Carpets or Rugs

Adding just that second piece of layer to your wood floors will make your home a little warmer. Bare wood floors account for up to 10% of your house’s heat loss. Adding a carpet or a rug will be more effective in trapping heat and keeping rooms warmer.

Close Doors

Something as simple as closing doors on unused rooms will prevent the breeze from traveling through your home while also retaining the heat that you have generated previously.

A Clean House Equals a Warm House

These are some of the best ways to retain the warmth of your house during the winter without using a radiator. A warm house in the cold air is only better when it’s clean, too. 3 Maids has a thorough and efficient cleaning service that will provide ultra cleanliness and maintain an organized home throughout the season.