Okay, so you’ve cleaned out your closet and have a basket full of clothes that you want to re-sell. Fortunately, there are tons of consignment apps out there that make it easy for you to list lightly used home goods, clothing, and accessories. In fact, there are so many, that it may be tough to decide which to choose. Here are a variety of consignment apps that will allow you to get the most out of your listings!


Poshmark is a great consigning app for new to lightly used clothing, accessories, unused make-up, and select home goods. They take anything from Dolce & Gabbana to Mossimo, so you don’t need to worry about having the hottest couture to consign. All they ask is for you to abide by Poshmark Etiquette, and you’re all set! Just make sure that you take some great photos! Everything you’re Poshing (the community term for listing things) must be in good condition before you list it. Keep in mind that Poshmark takes 20% of every purchase as a listing fee and charges a single flat expedited shipping rate. There is also a tight-knit community there, so you may make a few extra bucks and some new friends, too!

Happy Poshing!


From haute couture to junk drawer knick-knacks in a mystery box- pretty much anything goes on eBay! Just make sure that you include an honest product description, and take photos of everything- including any flaws. You have options between buy it now, bidding, and best offer bidding styles. Buy it now allows someone to purchase your item right away. Bidding usually starts much lower than a buy-it-now price. You’ll need to choose how long you’d like to list your item. The longer you list, the more you can potentially make. This will determine the end of the auction, and ultimately, the winning bidder. Best offer auctions will allow customers to make an offer you must accept before they can purchase it.

You have the choice to ship to certain countries or to offer local pick up only. You can offer free, flat, or calculated shipping which changes based on the buyer’s zip code. Additionally, eBay offers a number of free listings every month. Keep in mind that you likely won’t make as much on eBay as you might on other platforms. By knowing your options before you list, you can make the most of your eBay sales!


Depop is a platform much like Poshmark, except more focus is put on establishing your own personal shop and brand. This platform welcomes vintage and luxury clothing, artwork, books, shoes, and music. They only charge a 10% listing fee on every item sold (including the shipping cost). As always, take some stunning, high-quality, and brand photos for your item! Whether you establish yourself as a Depop shop owner or a one-and-done seller, it’s a great platform for whatever you want to accomplish! But for those who want to make a splash as a clothing consigner, Depop has great resources to help sellers discover their own personal brand.


ThredUP is a consignment app with a focus on eco-friendliness and focuses on re-selling women’s and kids’ secondhand clothing. According to their metrics, they’ve consigned 100M pieces of clothing, displaced 1 billion lbs. of CO2, and have saved people $3.3 billion USD in retail clothing costs. Thredup is different from other consignment apps as they send you a branded bag that you would fill with the clothing you no longer want. After you’re done, drop your bag off at USPS or FedEx, and ThredUP will handle the rest!

When your clothing sells, you can cash out or get ThredUP shopping credit!

Facebook Marketplace

It seems like you can teach an old dog new tricks! We’re equating Facebook Marketplace to the modern version of an upgraded yard sale. You can sell anything here: broken refrigerators for parts, property, furniture, artwork, clothing, bits, and bobs- and more! Take your own product photos (no stock photos, please!) and write an honest description of the item. You can add details about your preferred payment type and pick-up arrangements. If you’re selling anything that needs authentication or comes with a certificate, take pictures of those as well. Make sure you aren’t highballing the price of your item and always be responsive to people interested in purchasing whatever you’ve listed. After someone buys your item, mark it as sold so that you don’t continue to receive offers. It’s as easy as that!

Are there consignment apps that you use frequently that we haven’t mentioned? Share them below!