Home upkeep doesn’t have to be a chore and making cleaning fun isn’t as daunting as one! Cleaning your home is important, but not everyone in the household is always willing to put in the effort to do it right. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make cleaning fun for the whole family. So assemble your crack team of sons, daughters, siblings, roommates or whoever you have in your house: Let’s turn the chores into less of, well… chores!

Bring on the Tunes

Music can be the ultimate unifier. A few good tunes are a great way to keep the energy up. With options like Pandora and Spotify, you can stick to a genre and ride it through the morning cleaning routine or take some suggestions from your fellow cleaning crew and play DJ while you dust! Smartphones and Bluetooth make this process incredibly easy and it’s a great go-to when it comes to making cleaning fun. But let’s say you’re all tackling one room and no one can decide on a song…

Some Visual Background Noise

A great movie while cleaning the living room is a surefire way to create some good times while doing your home maintenance duties. Considering how large TVs are now and how great sound systems could be, a movie can be heard and seen no matter what corner of the room you’re working on and makes for a great break between scrubs. Something familiar always plays well as if you and your cleaning companions have a memory or general fondness for the film you can always quote and anticipate scenes. It can also provide fun discussion and genuinely does making cleaning fun. However, don’t take too long when it comes to breaks – there are things to be put away!

Create a Rewards System

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused on a task and a small rest break doesn’t do much to help. This gets amplified in a group setting and can be a bit of a downer even though the group is working toward something. It is in these moments that a little rejuvenation is in order, how about a snack? Gathering your favorite foods or snacks and having a little station between your cleaning spaces provides a great respite from the tasks at hand. Something you can taste is a great reward that provides a small kick that can energize your fellow cleaners. Make cleaning fun AND appetizing!

Turn it into a Game

How about a little competition to mix things up? If your reward system is working too slowly you can always set a timer and increase the stakes! Turning your cleaning into the game can promote creativity and efficiency. Fast cleaning means closer to freedom, and competition means someone is going to try to get there first! A cleaning relay is also a good idea: Set a timer, give a task to one person and see how fast they do it and have them pass it off to the next person. This will cycle out the cleaning duties and can make for a great sense of anticipation.

Of course, we here at 3 Maids always find cleaning fun and will gladly take these duties off your hands with a phone call! Stay clean this summer, make an event out of it and be sure to follow us on Facebook! Keep up with our blog for more cleaning related goodness! We’re happy to help.