Summer Cleaning for the Endless Summer

Who doesn’t love the summer? School is out, the weather is warm, and it’s always a good time to host a summer party. If your big summer party is only days away or, if you are a big procrastinator, in a few hours; its time to start on your summer cleaning for a clean and presentable house for your friends. The first thing that you need to do is evaluate your home. Find out what needs to be cleaned and arranged, which rooms will be open to your guests, and devise a routine of how you want to accomplish this. Here are the most likely areas for your party and what needs to be done.


If you’re lucky enough to have a patio or a deck, your guests would most likely be spending a lot of time in this area. It’s the summer, so you should be firing up the BBQ grill and party in the outdoors with the fresh air and bright sun. Give your patio a little sweep with a dustpan and broom. For the patio furniture, mix detergent and clean water to give them a sufficient scrub. Also, be sure to dust off or vacuum your cushions. Wash them if you need to. For any metal rust, take your time to sand it down and rinse off after.


The bathroom is mightily important to clean because all your guests are going to be using it, of course! The first thing to do is to clear your counters of all the clutter and unnecessary toiletries away from sight and keep it clear from people. To keep everything real tidy, you can do a quick scrub of the toilets and shower. Just in case, organize the contents of your medicine cabinet and put your private things away if anybody decides to peek inside.


Your kitchen should be in a clean and organized form so you can prep for the party. First, wipe and scrub down the sink, the kitchen table, and the exterior of the fridge to make it nice and presentable. This is a good opportunity to clean, not only for the party but to get ahead of a seasonal home cleaning. Next, make room in your fridge for new food and ice for the party. Throw away your expired foods, smelly foods, or old leftovers. If your trash or recycle bin is fairly high, empty it out and put new bags in. Finally, mopping the floor will give it a nice, clean look for the guests.

Living Room

What is maybe the main room of the entire party, review all your fragile items in the room and tuck them away somewhere safe. Remember to remove all the clutter in the area: organize the scattered toys, magazines, books, papers, etc. and put them on the dies or stack them neatly so it can be out of the way for the party. You wouldn’t want to leave anything around that could be tripped and broken from a guest. As for the surfaces of the furniture and the ceiling fans; grab a duster and go over everything thoroughly to create a dust-free zone.

Ready to Party

Finally, spray and wipe all the mirrors and windows in your party zone. Keep it all fresh and new. Now, once you’re through with the cleaning, the fun begins. You can now set up your party; bring the balloons, the flowers, the food, the lights, the drinks, and the music. You gave yourself room so take a deep breath and get ready for your guests. If you need help with your pre-party cleaning or for the post-party, contact us, and we will be able to help out, so you’ll have more time to prepare for the big summer party. Los Angeles, we’re ready for you!