Clean After Christmas

It’s near the end of 2016 and when Christmas is wrapped, it’ll be time to clean up the mess left behind (in the house, we mean). It’ll also be time to get your life prepared for a cleaner new year. What we mean by that is that we want you to begin 2017 fully set and organized, which will reflect how your new year will move forward. Every holiday comes with celebration and afterward comes the cleaning. Here are some chores that you should get on immediately after Christmas to make way for a glorious and cleaner new year!

Start with the Ornaments

De-clutter your ornaments from your tree and other decorations around your house. Sort them, separate them, and store them neatly for next season. Discard the non-working, the tattered, the rusty, and the broken and make room for new, beautiful decorations and ornaments. Ornaments that you don’t want can be recycled or donated. For full de-cluttering, separate the non-breakable and the breakable ornaments as you start breaking down post-Christmas. Keep the fragile ones stored in a separate box, and wrap in tissue or newspaper to keep them safe from breaking.

Tidy Up

On December 26th (or at the very least by the 1st for those who want a few more days of the Holiday Spirit), it’s time to start taking down the lights and the tree. Clear the house of decorations for a fresher home look. One can break it down into steps and categories. After gathering and separating all the ornaments and decorations, wrap the strings of lights around cardboard to sort them in an organized way and for it to be easy to unravel next year. Finally, coordinate your taking down of the Christmas tree with the curbside trash pickup service. Do one final look-over to see any lingering ornaments that you may have missed.


The more things you receive this year creates more clutter. Look through your room or closet for old toys, clothes, or items that have not been used in a while. There might be some things sitting in your garage or the corner of your closet that is better off donated to someone else.

Refrigerator Clean-up

It’s a guarantee that there’ll be an excessive amount of leftovers in your fridge after the holidays are all said and done. You will, no doubt, feel so much more refreshed after doing a full cleanout of your fridge before the New Year begins. Fresh food feels better. Expired food is never welcomed.

Cleanse and Clear Your Rooms

Is your home hosting this year’s holiday party? If so, the rooms in your home are bound to succumb to some wear and tear. Your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, carpet, and living room may be in need of some immediate beautification. Thankfully for you, our 49 Points Checklist will guide you in smoothly accomplishing each room with ease. From what should be changed to everything that should be trashed and wiped, we cover every piece of dust that you need to conquer.

Make It a Family Affair

After all, the holiday season and celebrating the New Year should be a time to spend with friends and family. Invite members of your family to help out in cleaning and clearing out the house. You can make it just as festive as it was decorating the rooms and putting up the Christmas tree in the first place. Your children and your loved ones graciously helping each other to restore the house could be a reflection of how the New Year will be: united and clean.

Need Assistance?

Remember, if you can’t find the time or if you’re having trouble completing your tasks, call 3 Maids and we’ll be able to assist you! Cleaning, cleansing, and clearing is our business and if we’re able to help, we’d love to! Remember to take these tips into consideration, a cleaner New Year will mean a healthy and refreshing new beginning for you and your entire family.