Having a clean workspace is one of the most important factors in increasing your productivity and making you happier in your work environment. Think about it: when things are a mess, you are distracted. You have an increased chance of being exposed to germs and, ultimately, feel less organized. It’s understandable as documents can pile up, a busy day means less time to clean up messes and sometimes even your cups can leave little stains here and there. It’s a hassle. With all this in mind, it may be worth it to give your desk a scrub down! Here are a few of the benefits of a clean workspace!

Better Health

A messy workspace is a breeding ground for all kinds of horrible germs. Have a clean space kills those germs before they can become an even bigger problem. This means less time being sick and more time feeling good when you’re at your desk. Plus it makes it more difficult for germs to travel, so if an illness situation does happen it’s harder to spread. You spend a lot of time in your workspace, it’s best if it’s as sanitary as can be.

Better Presentation

You will have clients coming into your office if you are any kind of successful business. The first thing they see should NOT be an unkempt office space! With a thriving business comes an emphasis on presentation and a clean workspace will show just how seriously you take your duties. The above health benefits extend to your guests, so making sure no one leaves with a cold AND a good impression can only bode well for your business.

Better Focus

A messy workspace increases stress and with an increase in stress comes a major decrease in focus. You NEED focus to be productive, and a clean workspace will go a long way in making that happen. You won’t be caught up looking at a small stain, or wondering when you’ll find time to get that stack of papers organized, you’ll be focusing on your work.

Make it a Regular Activity

Keeping your workspace clean has even more benefits beyond this blog post and the best way to go about it is simple: make it a habit. If your business moves too fast for this kind of habit to build, why not go with a maid service? 3 Maids offers a variety of packages for corporate cleaning and does these jobs regularly across Los Angeles. Keep a clean workspace, and let the increase in productivity speak for itself!