Refreshing Office Space

Spring cleaning in your home is absolutely a must, but that’s obvious to most people. What you should also consider is to create a spring clean office. To us, an office workspace cleaning for the spring season is a no-brainer. On average, you may spend around 30-40 hours a week in your office space. During that time, your workload pile may start getting higher and higher. Sooner than later, your desk or workspace could look like a filthy mess. If there was a perfect time to start organizing your office in order to help you to have a more efficient work experience, then the spring season would definitely be it. Take the following tips into account to apply for spring clean office, so your work production can benefit and your mood will be refreshed.

Total Desk Cleanout for Spring Cleaning

The first tip might be an obvious one, but GET RID OF THE JUNK. We bet once you look over your entire workspace, you’ll notice tons of old files, papers that you really don’t need anymore. Papers can grow slowly but will overcrowd your area before you know what hits you. If you think that you may need some papers in the future, create a filing system to properly organize all your work papers. Another good way is to scan them and upload them to your computer files. However, papers are not the only infestation you have to look out for. Get rid of pens that are out of ink, questionable old snack bags, and other small pieces of trash that are left on the desk.

De-clutter Your Drawer

Relating to the tip above, your work life will feel much more organized when you start organizing your desk drawers. Your drawer may contain an overflow of papers, trash, candy wrappers, pens, pins, and pictures. Put your papers into files, shred them if not needed, and put everything in a nice and neat position. A mess is never the best.

Put the Important Things at Arm’s Reach

It would be efficient and wise to only keep the important things at arm’s reach on your desk. We know how frustrating it can be to always be searching for that pesky stapler or tape when you need it, sometimes more often than you thought. Keep things like paper clips, staplers, pens, and important papers at an easy reach throughout the workday. Things that you don’t often use like old books, magazines can be tucked away somewhere in the corner.

Clean Up Your Digital Workspace

Aside from your physical work area, in the office in your hard drive could use some spring cleaning too. De-clutter your document and picture folders; there might be some things that are taking up space, so delete all the useless pictures and old documents that just wasting your hard drive. Sometimes your folders and files can be misplaced or mislabeled. It can take forever to dig through countless files to find that one old document you need. Take some time to properly organize all your materials, so it can be easily obtainable whenever you need it.

Clean Up the Entire Space

Papers are not the only thing that piles up on your desk. Dust will build and build if nothing gets done about it. Disinfect your workspace and give everything from your keyboard, desk, computer screen, and monitor, a complete sweep through. Clean out your keyboards with compressed air and you could even use a Swiffer cloth to give your desk area a once-over.

More Benefits of Office Spring Cleaning

A cleaner and more organized space will make your life healthier in both the mind and body. The sight alone of looking at a messy desk area will slow down your production process. Your focus and your activity can be increases with a clean environment. Plus, less clutter and useless things lying around can result in a safer place. No more trips or slips! Finally, organized computer files will prevent anything from being lost, thus it could save your job someday.

If You Don’t Have the Time, We Can Take Over

3 Maids is a thorough cleaning service that specializes in cleaning and cluttering homes. However, we also accommodate our services for office spaces as well. Your entire workspace including the carpet and the desks around you will be efficiently cleaned for the betterment of your life. Carve a spring clean office with us a cleaning service, you’ll never have to worry about. Visit our site or phone us at 310-399-2778 to schedule your next service with us!