Live the Fullest Life By Organizing Your Life

At 3 Maids, we know all about cleaning and tidying your home and office, but we also know how to organize your life. There are a lot of outside factors that hinder your ability to keep yourself organized including friends, social media, hobbies, family, sometimes even school and work. Even though that is the case, having an organized life can be the most beneficial priority for a number of reasons, which shockingly enough includes meditation!

Organizing your life can help keep you on top of your short term and long term goals; like paying bills on time, saving money for trips and expensive items, even learning new things like boxing or playing the guitar. In Los Angeles, there are hundreds of thousands of freelance artists that have “regular” jobs to supplement their incomes. But after commuting to and from work and working, a lot of people in LA don’t have the time to organize their life.

We at 3 Maids came up with simple things you can do to start to organize your life, and with these tips, you’ll be on your way to a more fulfilled life when you start to see what organization can really do.

• Keep a To-Do list:

It sounds old school but writing down an actual list of things that you’re trying to accomplish in the day, week, month, and yes, year, can be beneficial. Even if you don’t accomplish everything, you’ll have a paper trail of things you want to get back to. Often times we think we’ll remember all of our ideas, but some things hit us in the middle of other moments. For example, you’re at work when a coworker mentions Runyon Canyon and you’ve wanted to go back since it re-opened but you never remember to do it. Jotting it down can jog your memory. The great news is there are plenty of “to-do” apps for your phone that will help you.

• Meditate:

To organize your life, an organized mind can help. We’re all being pulled in so many directions that taking a moment after you wake up (or before you go to sleep) can help you mentally reset. Meditating can be simple with just you and no sound, or even light music if necessary. Simply lay across your bed with your eyes closed, slowly inhaling and exhaling, as you clear your mind of all your thoughts. In fact, some people use meditation as a way to not think, to have silence in their minds. For others, it’s their way of actually thinking about what they need to do next. But everyone can agree on how helpful meditation is when it comes to slowing down and organizing your thoughts.

• Money:

Regularly check your bank accounts. Your handy to-do list above will help you remember when bills are due. But regularly keeping track of the money that you spend can help you plan for trips, shopping sprees, and activities. Budgeting your money is a huge way to organize your life because it helps manage important details like your credit score. Budgeting also means you can decide how much money goes to what during which pay periods. We all know how expensive life can be, especially when hit with an unforeseen expense, like car troubles or parking tickets. Knowing how much money you have (and have to spend) will help you manage whatever financial responsibilities you have.

3 Maids knows that these three important organizational tips will help you live a better, more organized life. With your to-do list, you’ll keep track of all the necessary things that you need/want to do. By meditating you’ll keep your mind focused, no matter what’s going on in your life. And by keeping track of your money and spending habits you’ll be in a better financial position to take on any monetary situation.