As a cleaning service, we like to make sure that we’re using cleaning products that are safe and environmentally friendly. Because we know the natural cleaning products we like to use, we wanted to put together a list of environmentally friendly cleaning products that you can use for your home or office.

Cleaning Chemicals to Stay Away From

Before we can give you a list of the best natural cleaning products we have to warn you about which cleaning chemicals you should be avoiding! Here are a few common cleaning chemicals that are popular and can cause health issues.

  • Ammonia: According to New York’s Department of Health exposure to low concentrations of ammonia in air or solution may produce rapid skin or eye irritation.
  • Chlorine Bleach: Mixing this with other cleaners can actually release chlorine gas, which can cause chest pain, nausea, coughing and other symptoms.
  • Phthalates: This can usually be found in household products that are fragranced, like fresheners, dish soap, etc. Phthalates are endocrine disruptors. Although you can mainly interact with them through inhalation, you can also interact with them through skin contact. According to Experience Life, “unlike the digestive system, the skin has no safeguards against toxins. Absorbed chemicals go straight to organs.”
  • Sodium Hydroxide: This can cause severe burns if it touches your skin or gets in your eyes. It’s usually found in oven cleaners and drain openers.

Five of the Best Natural Cleaning Products

Now that you know a few of the harmful chemicals that come from household products that you’re probably using daily, here’s a list of green cleaning products that you can pick up at most stores in your area, or you can purchase online for your convenience.

1. Method: Method really grew as a brand, once it started being distributed in Targets across America. Completely sustainable, they use renewable energy, are cruelty-free, and have even started a biodiesel shipping program.

2. Mrs. Meyers: This brand is so proud of the ingredients they use, that they even list a glossary on their website. Their products are not tested on animals and are not made with animal-derived ingredients. According to their website, their products don’t contain ammonia, chlorine, glycol solvents, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, artificial colorants, phosphates, or petroleum distillates.

3. Seventh Generation: Another brand with eco-friendly cleaning products, Seventh Generation has been around for nearly 30 years. According to their website, Seventh Generation believes that its products are healthy solutions for the air, surfaces, fabrics, pets, and people within your home and for the community and environment outside of it. They want their products to make a difference from their “development through to their production, purchase, use, and disposal.”

4. Green Works: This company has biodegradable and environmentally sustainable packaging and its products are natural and organic cleaning products. What makes Green Works stand out more than the other eco cleaning products, is that (founded by a female scientist) they are working to get more young girls involved in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). This also includes their partnership with the American Association of University Women (AAUW). AAUW is a non-profit organization that advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, and research.

5. Ecos: As the last one of our safe cleaning products on the list, Ecos has been around for almost 50 years. Their products are made with plant-derived cleaning agents and are made from “replenishable” resources. According to their website, the formulas are, “extraordinarily effective for removing dirt yet gentle on people, pets, and the planet.”

All-Natural Cleaning Products that Actually Clean

Not only are they good for the environment and your home but these 5 brands are great cleaning supplies that you can actually use for rooms like your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and all over your house. Using non-toxic cleaning products creates a harmless environment, not just for you but for your kids and your pets. At 3 Maids, we recognize that having a clean home isn’t just about removing dirt and stains but also about the products that you use to keep the air, the environment, and those who you live with, toxic-free.