Make a Move with These Moving Tips

You’re excited that you’re moving out and into your new place. But with so much to do, you’re not sure where to start. At 3 Maids we have cleaned countless homes and offices throughout the years. And as you can guess, packing and moving, really have a lot to do with cleaning and organizing. In fact, homeowners often hire us a few weeks into moving into their new home. For those who are moving into their new place soon, we have a few moving tips that should make your process smoother!

If You Don’t Need It, Don’t Bring It

The biggest hurdle that people face when it comes to moving, is packing. Most people pack everything in sight and promise to get rid of anything that they don’t need in the new place. But it never really works that way and months into living in the new place, you still have stuff to sort out and get rid of. This is why you should thoroughly look at your belongings and make sure to only bring with you items you want to bring to the new place. There are great organizations like Goodwill, that will gladly take your belongings from dishware to clothes, decorative accents to appliances.

Donation Town provides a list of charities, as well as acceptable donations for the Los Angeles area.

Try These Quick Move-In Tips:

• Color code the things you want into two groups. Red for things you want to get rid of. Blue for things you want to keep.

• Mementos are the hardest to part with, so start with those last. By the time you go through your whole place, discarding items will feel natural. When you finally get to your mementos, it should be easier to part with a lot of them.

• Remember you can replace items. Sometimes moving into a new home is also a great opportunity for new furniture and new decor.

Clean Before, Not After You Move In

People often think that cleaning starts once you’ve moved in and brought all of your belongings. The issue is, with all of your items in bags and boxes, it creates more chaos in a place that has yet to be cleaned by your standards. Whether you’re moving into a studio apartment in Downtown LA or a three-bedroom house in Culver City, your place should be vacuumed, dusted, wiped, and sprayed down before you carry in a single box. All rooms should be spotless before you move in. This also helps maximize the space and you’ll be able to visually see where you want things to go. If you’re still having to clean while unpacking, the mess will seem like a bigger one.

3 Essentials You Need to Help You With Moving

1. Newspaper or tissue for your valuables, which includes your dishware

2. Labels go a long way so prepare yourself with label stickers. Don’t use Post-Its because they easily come off, so consider using actually stickers, where all sides stick to the item. This is particularly useful if you’re not using traditional cardboard boxes, but instead using plastic bins, suitcases, and even storage bags.

3. First Aid Kit is essential. There are a lot of mishaps that can happen while moving, from packing knives to transporting big-screen televisions. You and your movers could easily hurt yourself. Having a First Aid Kit complete with band-aids and bandages can help with physical injuries.

Hiring us at 3 Maids ensures that your place will get a deep, thorough clean. You’ll feel more comfortable moving into a spotless place, rather than a dirty one and with us cleaning for you, you’ll have more time to focus on packing up your old place and unpacking into your new home. Call us at (310) 399-2778 to schedule your deep cleaning from us.