At 3 Maids, we tend to your home with our quality cleaning services. Our 49 Points Cleaning Checklist starts off with one of the most germ-ridden spaces in any household, and that would be the bathroom. Included in our bathroom cleaning is a process of disinfecting the toilet, as the bowl can be one of the dirtiest items in the house for obvious reasons, and it should be cleaned regularly.

Here are 9 facts that you likely didn’t know!

The Invention of the Toilet

There are so many theories on who actually invented the first toilet with running water. Legend has it that Greeks, Indians and Romans had toilets that used running water to carry off the remaining matter after usage. There are also stories of a man named Thomas Crapper who was passed the patent to the flushable toilet that Arthur Giblin created. It is a mysterious tale but one worth researching.

Smartphones Elongate Toilet Sitting

Studies show that the more features your smartphone has, the longer you will remain sitting on the toilet. In this day and age, a smartphone is like the equivalent to a newspaper. Reading through your social media accounts while using the toilet can result in remaining in the bathroom once finished to continue being on the phone.

World Toilet Organization

The World Toilet Organization was founded on November 19, 2001. Every year on this day, World Toilet Day is celebrated. Do you believe that?!


Be careful! King George II died falling off of a toilet in 1760. Nearly 40,000 Americans are injured on toilets every year. That is insane! The moral of the story is, just do your business and step away.

2,500 Visits per Year

You cannot avoid hitting the john to relieve yourself. Each person makes a bathroom visit at around 2,500 per year, and it can be even worse if stomach or bladder problems are occurring throughout the year.

Toilet Paper Invented in China

Toilet paper was allegedly invented in China in the 6th century. This invention is one that all people are thankful for, as it is a huge necessity. China also built public toilets for dogs. PETA would be proud!

Paper on a Roll

The Scot Paper Company was the very first company that manufactured toilet paper on a roll. This little life hack invention was a game changer!

The Origin of the Word

The word is derived from a French term that means “act of washing, dressing and preparing oneself”. This makes sense because a bathroom is meant to prepare oneself for the day!

Wash Your Hands and Use Soap!

This may take you by surprise, but only 20% of people wash their hands after using the bathroom. Of that 20% who do, only 30% of them use soap! This is not smart as germs can spread easily after bathroom use. And quickly rinsing your hands does not do much good. To kill harmful germs, a 15-20 second rigorous washing is recommended.

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