The Perfect Plan in Decorating your Haunted House

Why You Should Do It

Time to get your costume scrapbook and pumpkin carving tools out because Halloween is coming upon us again. There is no night like Halloween that will encourage you to rot your teeth with candy and to dress in your wildest costumes. In addition to trick or treating, a long tradition that […]

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The History (and Necessity) of Maid Service

The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

As much as our technology and way of life has changed over the past five thousand years of civilization, there remain a few constants.  Regardless the differences in how we communicate and commute in the past to now, and paying no respects to the differences in […]

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Ways to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

The brunt of summer’s heat is starting to take its sweaty toll. Drops of perspiration roll down your torso as you’re merely sitting in your room, doing zero physical movement. It’s a thick, overwhelming heat wave making your home feel like a giant sauna. Yes. You’ve got to be losing weight through all this heat. […]

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Garage Cleaning Tips

Garage types fall into two categories: the messy storage unit kind and the workspace/chill kind. You either 1) fling every miscellaneous device that doesn’t belong inside nor outside and immediately slam the door behind you as if a man-eating horror will jump out at you if you don’t dash out quick enough or 2) you […]

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Green Homes and Cleaning Services

When you make your home more energy efficient, not only do you contribute to an increased longevity of environmental resources, you put money in your wallet. And as a by-product, often times everyone in your green home will become healthier and live more comfortably. As US homes have increased in square footage by 30% since […]

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49 Point Checklist to Make it a Deep Cleaning

You clean your house, every single room, every crack and crevasse. You’ve purportedly done a deep cleaning. But then an hour later you can already see spots you missed. It can take a little extra work and attentiveness to get to every trouble spot. Following are some ways to help you to a cleaner home. […]

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A History of Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is Here
Spring will soon be here. Which means spring cleaning is upon us. It’s a great time to get a fresh start and let sunshine reach each and every uncluttered inch of your home. William O. Douglas said, “Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant.”
A Spring Cleaning History
The concept of spring cleaning came up independently […]

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The Benefits of Having a Clean Office

If you want to get work done, a fresh environment is a great place to start. Research from Arizona University found 82% of workers claim they would work harder in a cleaner environment. You’ll be surprised how fast the investment in a professional cleaning service will pay for itself.
Maintaining a Clean Office
If you entertain clients […]

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3 Maids cleaning service helps reduce stress.

Having your own home cleaning service will prevent your mind from becoming overwhelmed with doing your own chores. By spending less time worrying about having to clean your entire house, you can make better use of that time by getting other important things done. It is easy to procrastinate, especially when it comes to cleaning. […]

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