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When Hosting a Memorial Day Party, Don’t Stress the Clean Up

Don’t Worry About Cleaning Up
Hosting a Memorial Day party can be a daunting task for anyone. Coming up with ideas, buying the food and drinks, getting party supplies, the list seems to go on and on. But often people hosting parties forget about the clean up. At 3 Maids we’re here to help. Not only […]

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Spring Lawn Tips for Healthier, Greener Grass

Spring Lawn Tips for Healthier, Greener Grass
Green is Back
As Spring arrives in full swing, the green grass is back to sparkle in the bright sunshine with the help of some spring lawn tips. Everyone should know the phrase, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”, but if we all don’t […]

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The Spring House Cleaning Checklist That Fits You

The Spring House Cleaning Checklist That Fits You
March Madness
March marks the return of your spring house cleaning. As the break comes near, it will allow you the time to finish your annual home spring cleaning. The concept of Spring cleaning is all about accomplishing a fresh start for you and your family. Clearly, cleaning your […]

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The Ideal Romantic Date at Home

Valentine’s Day At Home
Attention all Romantics! Your favorite day of the year is closing in. The day full of fluttering hearts, candy gifts, and roses  is near. Valentine’s Day is that time when one partner pulls out the stops to create that utmost romantic night that their significant other will never forget. Valentine’s Day is also that […]

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6 Ways to Keep Your House Warm During the Winter

Winter Peak
The frostiness and the cool breeze of the winter is near its highest peak. In January, as the temperature drops to its lowest degrees, your teeth begins to chatter and you’re forced to wear more clothes in your home, just to stay warm. You may ponder the question, are there ways to keep the […]

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How to Prevent the Flu From Spreading In Your Home

Prevent The Flu From Reaching You
Yet again, our encounters with those pesky flu viruses has grown even more irritating during the winter. In North America, winter time is known as the peak of the flu season. While the flu outbreaks start happening as early as October, they gain most steam in the period between December […]

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How To Perfectly Set Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table Set-up

Thanksgiving is virtually here, the leaves have begun to fall and the breeze is picking up. The joyous time of spending time with the people you love while having a hearty meal of turkey and stuffing is about to commence. Now it just so happens that it’s finally your turn to host this […]

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The Perfect Plan in Decorating your Haunted House

Why You Should Do It

Time to get your costume scrapbook and pumpkin carving tools out because Halloween is coming upon us again. There is no night like Halloween that will encourage you to rot your teeth with candy and to dress in your wildest costumes. In addition to trick or treating, a long tradition that […]

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The History (and Necessity) of Maid Service

The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

As much as our technology and way of life has changed over the past five thousand years of civilization, there remain a few constants.  Regardless the differences in how we communicate and commute in the past to now, and paying no respects to the differences in […]

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Ways to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

The brunt of summer’s heat is starting to take its sweaty toll. Drops of perspiration roll down your torso as you’re merely sitting in your room, doing zero physical movement. It’s a thick, overwhelming heat wave making your home feel like a giant sauna. Yes. You’ve got to be losing weight through all this heat. […]

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